Tuesday, 26 December 2006

New start

Things seem to be coming together these days.

I'm finally getting the hang of reporting, getting used to the pressure, getting used to the long hours and getting much faster at writing Chinese scripts. I still haven't gotten used to my boss, which I hear is quite normal.

And best of all, I found a wonderful place to live in the city. It's only three bus stops from work, in a classy residential area with both fine dining restaurants and a night market nearby and just about right in the middle of the city. With Mom and Dad's help, I got all the things I needed and finished moving in one afternoon. The following day, the Musketeers came for the ceremonial housewarming, the purpose of which is to bring good energy from successful people into my new home. It was a wonderful start. The place is comfortable, in a wonderful area and from the fortune telling point of view, I've moved in at a good time and into a good address. My landlady is a bit on the paranoid side, but the way she makes up the imperfection to this, I am more than grateful. I can deal with her. Nothing is perfect, but I'm glad I only have her to deal with.

A few months ago, a fortune teller said I would see signs of a good year that is to come in December. Funny how things are coming together. How lucky I am.

This year has been especially tough, and I can't believe I made it through. Apparently, some friends of mine had bet with each other that I wouldn't last. Ha! I sure showed them.

I go back to Tokyo on the 31st for New Year's to see Mama, Grandpa, Grandpa and other family. I've been waiting for this for 360-some days. It is finally here and this horrendous year is finally ending. Hallelujah!

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Tim said...

Thanks for the Christmas/Birthday card, Michella! =)

Will you be back in Taiwan when I visit during the second half of January?