Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Debut Cafe, Shimen 石門德佈咖啡廳

Designed by ceramics artist Zhang Geming (章格銘), this looks like a great place to spend several hours. Most of the light comes through the windows, it's spacious and it's clean. Not sure how comfortable the student chairs will be after a while, but I'd like to give it a try sometime, perhaps on our next tombsweeping trip to Jinshan.

If you're a fan (like me), you can maybe take a peek and see what Mr Zhang is working on on the bottom floor of the school. If he's there. Maybe. Pity he doesn't sell any of his work here (yet).

Debut Café (Shimen branch)
#47-2 Alilao, Shimen, Xinbei City
former auxiliary campus Qianhua Elementary School

+886 2 2638 2578

德佈咖啡 (石門店)

Thanks, P-chan!

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Sebastian X said...

WOW 是化腐朽為神奇呢!! 英文不知怎說呵~~^^"