Thursday, 2 August 2012

Struggling! Aughhhhh!!!

Struggling! Aughhhhh!!!

I am writing to help myself figure something out.

Recently I have been struggling with myself. I am finding myself incredibly boring and driving myself (and probably others) a little crazy. The situation is a bit alarmingly sad. Less than ten minutes ago, I just googled “how to be more interesting.” My goodness.
I’ve enjoyed photography for a while, but I don’t feel much like taking pictures these days. Sometimes it’s because I can hardly keep my eyes open and my mind on what I am supposed to be doing. Other times it’s because I feel so frustrated that my pictures are starting to look so boring. I don’t even want to print and frame them for my walls anymore. Gasp.
For my very incredible job, I get to travel all over Taiwan (and sometimes to other countries), and I appreciate very much that part about my life, but other than work, I have nothing else to think or to talk about. So I guess my life is not boring. Rather, *I* am boring.
Perhaps with the travel features somewhat under control and the basics of photography more or less in my grasp, I could use some new goals.
So if that’s the problem, what’s the solution?
Well, I don’t think I should do anything with the travel features since I just got the hang of them. But for photography, perhaps I can look for different ways of expression. Also, I would really like to read and get together with friends more and go back to studying sketching and woodblock printing. Yes, my new goals. Well, old goals that I am once again revisiting maybe.
Ah, now I can sleep. Good night!

(below are sketches from...a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...)


Oz said...

Sounds like a mid life crisis to me!

Lin said...

Yay.. more woodblock prints! It's been too long. Go for a run, you'll get some exercise and clear your head :D

Michella Jade Weng said...

Thanks. :)

Bryan said...


Though I did not take a picture everyda, the website "dailyshoot" would give a photography "assignment" everyday. One day, it would be to take a photograph of a symbol, the next day, the assignment would be to convey warmth in a photograph.

It kept things interesting and made you look at how to compose and find different ways to show ordinary objects. They seemed to have ended the project a year or so ago, but you can go back and redo the assignments. Might help rekindle the interest in photography.

ps Love the woodprints. You do good work.


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