Sunday, 28 September 2003

On TV now: Documentary on Rembrandt (but no one's watching)

Two weekends in a row, I've had a hard time doing what I want to do.  Last weekend was a disaster, this weekend was just as bad.  There really isn't anything worse than having to go to school at 18h on a Saturday night to miss out seeing friends whom one hasn't seen in ages, and then having a big fat headache on top of that.  By the time the meeting at school was over, it was nearly 20h and I realized that if I didn't go home, I would be paying for it for the next two weeks.  Instead, I settled with going home and having my head hurt for just another day.

It's Sunday today, and it was mostly a nice, lazy one.  I had a late breakfast of toast, seaweed salad with nameko (Japanese mushroom sauce), and a cut of moon cake.  What a breakfast.  American, Japanese, and Chinese all in one meal.  Then I carved a little on my godmother's woodblock print, read a little FT, then it was time for lunch again, at 15h.  We eat at the strangest times, don't we?  I feel like I'm living with my brothers again.  Oh well, it's only Sunday.  There's no desk to return to and phone calls to fetch.  My headache came back and I took a nap on the couch in the sun until dinner time.  What an afternoon.

Now the day is almost over and I realized that I've done absolutely nothing.  Why is my weekend over already?  Tomorrow, we move back home to Sanbancho because the woodblock is going to another studio where she will finish it up and print.  It's another week of work and learning looking at me.  It looks pretty good, though, because I'm having dinner with a co-worker and then going to watch an uncle play at a gig this week.

In case you are wondering, the big 8+ Hokkaido earthquake didn't do anything to Tokyo.  We're ok here.  So far, no deaths have been reported anywhere, just some 400 injured people.  The week before, though, there was an earthquake in Tokyo.  Of all the places in the world, I was in an elevator, by myself.  Quite an adventurous couple of minutes it was.

On to...doing my expense reports.

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