Saturday, 28 May 2005

Lazy Morning

Scene description:
Having breakfast at the dining table, with Oreo mid-morning napping the floor on my left and Lucky on my right. Finished watching the local morning TV news, now tuned to NHK.

Mama, lots of energy to you for your Nagoya concert!

Yuko, sorry I chose the same blog template. I just could not resist the color.

Well, I am ahead of schedule! I have some blog links set up. If anyone knows of any more that I can add, please let me know.

It appears that Dad bought a new flat panel TV. I saw it still in the box when I came home last night. This morning when I came down for breakfast, the box was open and the TV gone. I assume it's in their room, because it's nearly 12h30 and I haven't seen either one of them. It's hello to new TV and goodbye to the rest of the world.

I slept in until 9h30 this morning, passing on my drawing class. I have been too tired in the past few days. I've had very little rest for weeks. My eyes and mind got a good change of scenery when I returned to Tokyo for a few days last week, but my body is reaching its limit. I began craving for chocolate even before reaching the station yesterday. I broke down and had a Snickers, and then later regretted it. I guess I don't like those things anymore.

Time really flies. I've been at FTV for two months officially and five in total. Speaking of which, I better get ready for work!

Additional goal: put my picture up in the profile section.

Have a good day, everyone!

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