Sunday, 29 May 2005

Day Off

On TV: first a program on fashion, but now a JPop show. The whiny vocalists are making me a little crazy.

Just earlier, I had a healthy hotpot dinner with lots of tofu (my favorite!) at home with Mom and Dad. Now I am waiting for Chang-sensei to give me a deep-tissue aromatherapy massage, as a closer to a day of rest that finally came after what seemed like weeks of non-stop work and activity.

This afternoon, I accompanied Mom to the supermarket in the basement of The Mall 遠企. It was my first time there, and I think I will go back if given the chance. There's a good variety of Japanese and Western food there. The floorspace was not impressive, but the variety and layout reminded me of Andronico's, a local and high-end supermarket/deli in Los Altos, where we lived during part of my high school years. The best part of the store was a special section for soy products, all handmade by a Japanese tofu maker who has been brought over from Japan. I didn't have the chance to chat with him for very long, but he said tofu in Taiwan isn't made with nigari 苦汁. Apparently, coagulation is done by incorporating shihui 石灰. Nigari is supposed to be better for the body. I haven't done research, but I think organic nigari my have something to do with it. In any case, if you like tonyu 豆乳 pudding, zarudofu 笊豆腐, gomadofu 胡麻豆腐, goma tonyu 胡麻豆乳 or other soy products, this is a place you may want to visit. I definitely would like to do so again. Oh, we came home with goma pudding, macha 抹茶 pudding, tonyu pudding, zarudofu, momendofu 木綿豆腐, agedashidofu 揚げ出し豆腐, oageお揚げ, regular tonyu and goma tonyu. Absolutely heavenly.

Moving on to wine...

Is it possible to get hungover on one small glass of red wine? It seems that I can.

For six nights now, I've been having one small glass of red wine before bed to help me sleep better. It seems that I sleep quite well, because my eyeshades are still on when I wake up in the morning. They usually end up on the other side of the bed because I guess I toss and turn through the night.

I'm still very tired during the day.

It sounds like a hangover, but theoretically, it's a little unlikely. Although I don't normally drink, because my stomach turns inside out when I do, everyone in my family does, and in large amounts as well.

I don't get a headache, but I'm tired.

I guess I'm just tired. Should I keep drinking? That's a tough one. One other thing that I've learned recently is that I don't like drinking by myself and without food to go with the drink. I am just not sophisticated enough. There's nothing wrong with the 1998 Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from Father's cellar (he caught me today), but it tasted rather unpleasant. A week ago when I was having dinner with Mama and Honda-san at a sushi-ya san, we first had white wine and then osake over wonderful conversation and delicious food, and the drinks tasted great. I kept helping myself to more.

Here are my findings thus far:
1. wine in the night helps me sleep
2. alcohol is only nice with good company and good food
3. I need to do more to relieve my fatigue

Do you have any suggestions?
Mama said to soak my feet for 5 minutes and hands for 6 instead of taking a bath.
Mom said to see the Chinese medicine doctor in Nangang

Oh, it's 22h05 and Chang-sensei just got here. I guess I won't be sleeping on time tonight either.

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miNgo said...

haha.. now i know why i'm not as happy as i used to be, i stopped my 3 beers a night treatment... i should get back on it..

you should cut back on drinking.. wine has alot of glucose in it, that'll dehydrate you and cause a hangover. especially if you drink it right before you sleep.. because i'm sure you don't drink water while you're asleep..

alcohol isn't the only thing that is especially good with good company, everything is better with great company. even farts become pleasant suprises, it sure brings a smile on my face when i fart infront of my good friends =D haHAHahAh..

another reason why not to drink before you sleep is because your liver wants to sleep too, and if you feed it some alchy it doesn't get its rest and then it'll get grumpy like the way i do when you guys try to wake me up for school