Monday, 4 August 2008

Excited excited excited

Leaving for a one week holiday in Japan. So excited!

My plans -
Day one: arrive Tokyo, meeting, dinner with Mama and Uncle Tad, tea with Jeff and Shizuka
Day two: travel to Aomori, watch the Nebuta matsuri
Day three: travel to Sendai, watch the Tanabata matsuri
Day four: return to Tokyo, rest
Day five: get hair cut at Yamaguchi sensei's, have lunch with Oneesan, rest
Day six: stroll through Yasukuni Shrine or Kitanomaru Park, rest
Day seven: fly back to Taipei

I'm determined to rest. But I'm sure it won't happen. I must though. To steal a line from my friend PJ, those 2 Chinese pandas from Hu Jintao won't need to come to Taiwan anymore, because my eye bags and dark eye circles makes me look like one already.

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