Monday, 10 November 2008

Leap of faith

I'm starting to believe that if you take that next step into the unknown believing that the ground will be there to meet your foot as it lands, it will be there indeed.


I love my job as a reporter and an anchor at FTV, but I'm ready for the next thing - either I move to international media or I do something else in media or preferably, both. In two more months, I'll have been at FTV for four years. In five more months, my anchoring contract will be up for renewal and I'll have more than 40 days of accumulated off and vacation days. I've decided to start using up those accumulated off days. Forty days over five months is eight days a month. If you add those eight days to nine weekend days per month, I'll be off more than I'm on, which of course can't be allowed. However, I've told Solon very frankly of my thoughts and he said he'll try his best to let me take as many days, but it can't be 17 a month. We'll see what happens.

"If you build it, they will come." If I take the step, the road will be there to meet me.

I feel so good.

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