Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Soul searching and soul food

Yippee! I still can't believe how many days I have off this month.

We all have desk calendars like this at work, so when coworkers come looking for us, they'll know if we're just away or off. Just looking at my March schedule makes giggle. Saturdays say "off," but I have to come in for anchoring. Speaking of which, I had the most time getting my brain to work one week, and I figured it was because I was still half asleep. So I started doing math problems between takes... Don't know if it worked. Then the following week, I meditated during hair & make-up, and that seemed to help a bit.

My brain's crispy fried from too much work. There's this email going around explaining how you get dumb from lack of sleep. Supposedly if you sleep one hour less than the time you need, every day for a week, you lose 100 IQ points by the end of the week. Well, that's me. I can still function, but if I do the math, four years of this crazy schedule, two years of which I sleep like nothing sometimes, I used to must have been some kind of genius. Now I'm really dumb and feeling crispy fried. Maybe that's why I had a craving for greasy, crispy fried chicken. For the first time in years, I went to KFC and bought two pieces of fried chicken. I didn't even know where they have a KFC around here. After checking on the Internet, I found one not very far away - maybe five minutes by bicycle. It was raining, so I walked. I walked more than half an hour roundtrip just for two greasy pieces of meat... My craving was so serious that I was waiting at the door with money in hand at 10h00 this morning, looking like I just received money from Mom & Dad for my birthday and was waiting for the toy shop to open. Well, the chicken shop didn't open until 10h30, but the wait and walk were both worth it. Soul searching, soul food...I am one happy girl.

Back to steamed broccoli and tofu again tomorrow.

Just kidding.

It's lunch at Nonzero with Mom tomorrow.

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Amiko said...

Hey I have the same calendar! Only w/o all the 休...