Friday, 17 April 2009

First watercolor painting

Feeling like a really proud kindergartner!

I have no memories whatsoever of watercolor painting, so yesterday afternoon when I started it, I just kind of went, "oh, I guess it's like this, and I guess it's like that..." and by the end of last night, I wanted to pull my hair out because it was looking like a mess. Thank god for Skype. Mama gave me lessons over webcam. This morning, I finished it.

(Ken, I blurred out the sign of the shop with you in mind. Hee hee. Thanks!)

I didn't even know how to sign it. Again, thank goodness for Skype and fairy godmothers.

A good respite from the stress of reporting and anchoring in languages I don't speak all that well... I'm anchoring in Taiwanese at 7h00 then Mandarin at 8h00 and 11h00. Oh man.

1 comment:

Ken said...

Nicely done. Now it just looks like any generic Taipei alley.