Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day four down the tubes too

Vacation day four also ended with work. I was called in for a meeting, which lasted 'til 21h00. I was starving and ready to vomit bile by the time we got out. Stupid boss was sitting there eating his dinner the whole time and didn't realize he forgot to order dinner for the rest of us. The meeting was about "how not to get fined by the NCC for reporting on consumer news and on stories with product placements." Tricky business, but interesting.

One highlight of the day though - I bought my new bike! Oh, and also gave Dad what I made in Penghu (with sand and shells). The poor guy is going through a midlife crisis.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the next three days will be quiet so I can really recharge. My neck and shoulders are really aching, among other things. My body is complaining. I had better listen. H1N1 is peeping in through the window.

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