Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Finally, a day off! Was looking forward to sketching class and dinner with a schoolmate that I haven't seen since the 6th grade, but instead, I'm spending the day in my PJ, bathrobe and scarf at home. I'm sick at home with a throat so sore I think I'm losing my voice. :(

The good news is, the weather outside is terrible and I have a great collection of jazz music and some nice herbal tea.

Plus, I got some new gadgets to keep me busy when I'm not in bed - a really nice looking stand for my laptop and a wireless keyboard so I don't have to slouch anymore when I'm working on the computer. And I got Worldcard, which scans and reads business cards in just about any language. It's not perfect, but I'm quite satisfied with it, so far.


Amiko said...


belsandy said...

oh no, hope you're feeling better already. (for some reason, i thought u had a white laptop...)

Bright said...

jazz music eh. nice! enjoy the day!

Bright said...
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翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

Thanks, you guys. I'm having the first decent dinner alone in a loooooong, looooong time. 蛤蠣香菇雞湯,菜埔蛋,腰果蝦仁,高麗菜。Got it delivered by the restaurant, too! I love Taiwan!

I usually don't eat dinner when I'm alone. So this is very strange. Plus it feels like lunch because I'm eating in front of my white-turned-black Macbook. My white one broke so my dad gave me his black one that he wasn't using. I really miss having a white Macbook. Wonder if they'll put in a white one in the rumored soon-to-be-released new Macbook Pro's. I doubt it though. But I've decided to go pro on the next one. 15'' will be much better for my eyes.

Take your vitamins, guys!