Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My reporting gear

This is what I usually look like at rallies, protests and other events where there is more people than space and more noise than is bearable.

- hiking boots: so I don't slip and my feet won't hurt from walking around too much or getting stepped on and trampled over
- big yellow hat: keeps me from overheating under the sun and lets my head stay dry in the rain, also it's so my cameraman can find me when we're split up
- ear plugs: saves me from going deaf under the blast of air horns and the screaming stadium speakers
- backpack: holds everything, including make-up, water bottle, microphone, light, rain gear and extra tapes & batteries for the camera
- notebook, multi-colored pen, digital watch synced w/ camera timecode: for taking notes
- ifb (headset): I usually use this when I'm anchoring from the studio, but I can also hook this up to the 2-way radio to talk to the SNG director when I am reporting live from the field
- iPad: for looking up info while on location, or killing time when nothing is happening
- company jacket (required by company): the goretex keeps me warm and dry, and the logo is so people don't forget which TV station we are

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Ken said...

You're ready for a war.