Thursday, 9 June 2005

Almost Back on Track

What a day.

One of my favorite editors calls Cabernet Sauvignons "a slap in the face that won't give you a headache.* I agree with him. If I'm not careful, the first sip takes me by surprise. It's nice in the sense that it doesn't get any stronger after the initial bite right when it makes contact with the palate, but I really don't need a slap in the face at 23h30 when I get home every night. Father finished the Merlot I opened last week, so I have been left with the Cabernet slapping me all week. I finally finished the last of it. Tomorrow, I'll start on something else. I thought I saw some Opus One in there...

The first thing I do is make sure I have a little bit of food in my stomach, and I pour myself a glass of wine. Chang-sensei told me to leave some time between the wine and bed, so it doesn't stay in my stomach too long. That makes sense.

I am a little less tired now, especially with all the activity going on. I've been riding more, painting more regularly and starting to report again. On top of that, my producer assigned an intern to me.

The News MD still won't let me anchor, but I suppose I'm making progress, little by little. I think reporting more would really help, because then my performance can be seen. They can see my progress and so can I. It's a good way for everyone to know where I am and what I need to work on more.

It's so nice to feel more motivated than before. I still feel quite lazy and brainless sometimes, but those times have become a little less. Like Mama says, if you really want to be great, you have to work three times as hard and three times as smart as the others. I want to be great. I need to find a way to be that.

Again I have let myself stay up late. I'm interviewing the head of the British Trade and Culture Office, the de facto British embassy in Taiwan, and I still haven't looked at the additional footage they've made available to me. The story's on the UK coming out on top along with France after an evaluation on the 2012 Olympic bids came out. I had my intern come up with questions, and she did a good job. We'll see how it goes.

Which means:
07h10 wake up
08h10 wash hair, make-up
09h10 leave home
10h10 arrive at office
10h30 leave for BTCO
11h00 - 11h30 interview
write story, edit video
send questions on James Dean story for interview next week
do final research on Jade Mtn for story/hike this weekend

And that leaves me with les than 6 hours of sleep to be had tonight. Sleeping this late and this little is terrible for health and beauty. How do I get out of the habit?


Jack said...

You sound quite the busy woman :) But glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself in the process! Ganbare!

Jack Y said...

I hope to see you anchor soon! The link that you sent me doesn't really work for some reason. Hopefully, our Mi-chan is going to be a big TV persona one day and I can point at you and said proudly, "That's my friend who's the anchor of English news!"

miNgo said...

screw the wine get some taquila that'll be a boot in your face.. and no headache, you'll just wake up with the WTF did i do last night