Saturday, 18 June 2005

The Price of Imperfection

What a first day of the week. I had a day off yesterday, after 10 straight days, counting the days I was in Yu Shan.

My boss was having a terrible day, and I made two mistakes while doing the work of two people, with the combination of skills that no one else in the station has, and was then accused of assigning the little work she thought I had to the intern.

I really love what I do, and I work very hard at it. Almost all of my time I spend awake is goes into our show. I work six days a week, sometimes more. I stay late to finish work I don't have to. I don't leave my desk to buy or eat dinner because I am continuously working. All of the extra effort I put into it is my own choice, and I am not asking to be compensated or pitied in any way for it. But when someone thinks I am being lazy, I take that very personally. Very little can be worse than negative appreciation.

However, I did make two mistakes today, and paid for it, more than anyone else would have had to--the price of imperfection to a perfectionist.

Sometimes I wonder why I let people get away with being unwarrantedly rude to me.

I must just say, the poor lady was having a bad day and I gave her a chance to finish it off a little happier, at just a small cost to me.

Therefore, I win. And I learned a few things, too.

I do feel better.

On the brighter side, the people at Warner Video seemed to like me quite a bit and also said that I reminded them of Audrey Hepburn. That is a great compliment. I really appreciated it. It was worth the agony I had to go through during the rest of the day.

A big thank-you to John the video editor for listening to my tale of woe and his patience in cutting my Hiking Yu Shan story.

Many kisses to my friends and family for caring and reading until the end.


miNgo said...

what happened to xanga

Jack Yuan said...


So sorry to hear that you work so hard and do not get recognition, however, pause a little and think of this...

Why do you work?
Are you working for money?
Are you working for the sake of work?
Are you...

Tell me if you have found the answer. :)