Thursday, 7 July 2005

Where Have I Been?

(first sketch, one month ago)

HOW did I end up back in by bed, blogging so quickly again? Days have been streaming by like shooting stars. This morning, I went to work a little earlier, hoping to find some peace and quiet to plan things and to catch up on newspapers, but like always, it didn't happen. As soon as I got in, work started finding me and before I knew it, we were having machine trouble and then we had finished recording. Whatever happened to dinner? Usually I have time to think about having dinner and then usually choose not to, while watching my co-workers eat. After one of our translators left and especially after one of our associate producers left, the workload has increased so much that we simply forget about eating.

(second sketch)

YESTERDAY, I had a long-awaited day off in which I almost didn't touch anything related to work. I pulled out my yukata, managed to remember how to wear it, went to my art class and started to sketch the bust of a Roman general, had a nice vegetarian lunch and met with a couple of friends.

ONE of my co-workers wanted to have tea and chat, since we are always so busy in the office and never get a chance to talk. He joined me as I had lunch and we went to Diamond Tony's in Tianmu for tea. At around 16h00, my friend Andy from NEHS, whom I haven't seen in ten years joined us. It felt a little odd at first, but once I caught his pace, we had a nice conversation.

(third sketch)

DURING the afternoon, though, I felt very tired and a little ill. I planned to take Lucky and Miffy to Fisherman's Wharf in Danshui in the evening, but I ended up coming home and crawling into bed and waited for Mom and Dad to return home. They had been in Xiamen for the past four days and it's been even longer since I've sat down and eaten with them, so I was really looking forward to it.

BY the time we really sat down to eat, it was past 21h00. They talked about how sad it is that the infighting among various members of the government is keeping Taiwan from developing. They really felt it this time on their visit to China. I'd like to see it for myself sometime. Dad said he'd bring me along next time along with their investment envoy.

(fourth sketch, vase and guava not yet completed; sensei likes my apple but Daniel says my guava looks like an avocado)

THERE were three other pleasant moments for me yesterday. My coworker appreciates the way I describe things so encouraged me to write more. At the beginning of class yesterday, I had no idea how to sketch a human face but in 90 minutes, I saw something that resembled the sculpture on my paper. After showing Mom and Dad my sketches, Dad said I have talent. We all do need encouragement sometimes, don't we?

I have decided to carry my camera with me now, so I can take more pictures to post. Here are some of my sketches. The sculpture and one of an apple, vase and guava aren't completed yet.

(fifth and latest; just started)

IT'S time for bed. It turns out I'm covering an international journalist event tomorrow morning, which means I have less than six hours to sleep. My head has been hurting all afternoon and evening.


miNgo said...

ewww u finally have time off, and you eat a vegetarian meal? i would have at least eaten a cow, two hens and half a pig.

anyways, that tea pot/kettle is looking good =D. drawing is good for u =D.

みっちゃん said...

You dinosaur.