Monday, 11 July 2005

A Day Off with Other People's Dogs

Blogging while watching pre-recorded episodes of CSI is bad for the complexion.

Boy, does it feel nice to have someone to call after work to say "I'm coming home," a house with people in it to return to and a after a nice hot bath, cute pajamas to crawl into bed in. Tonight's pajamas: pink with golden retriever prints.

I went to an adoption and public awareness event Animals Taiwan held, with the intention of simply reporting on the event. One thing led to another, and my crew and I ended up going to a no-kill shelter in Bali (八里), which is outside of Taipei City, then to Danshui (淡水) to get King's story and then finally to the Jianguo weekend flower market (建國花市) to see if we can find people who are usually there trying to adopt dogs out. It was already getting dark, but we managed to find the people we were looking for.

People I talked to today gave me lots of interesting information, and I think I have plenty to write about. The trick is to find footage and enough of it to go with my script. Hopefully I will be able to have enough for a three-episode series. Later this week when I get another day off, I hope to interview some other people and get some more footage for the story.

Despite having been so fatigued from work and lack of sleep, I felt great today. After getting back to the office at 19h00 to help with production, I pulled six voice overs in one shot, in very few takes, and worked through 22h30 with a sense of humor to spare. Who needs sleep when you're doing fun things?

Unfortunately, I missed a lunch with my parents and grandmother today. I wish I knew about it earlier. Mom said the food was great, too. I miss good food.

Goals for tomorrow: find peace, find stability and be asleep by 01h00. Everything else will follow.

Lazarus, puppies and Animals Taiwan volunteers

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miNgo said...

make sure you don't get sick from the places you go, carry around a small bottle of purel hand sanitizer. and if you ever report on something contraversial, use a pseudo name