Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Mondays are Fun

Hello Feet.

It is 00h07, and I've just started writing. I couldn't manage to find peace or stability today, but hopefully I'll meet my 01h00 goal I set last night.

00h09. Tick tock tick tock.

Having wine alone isn't exactly enjoyable, but it does open the gate to Neverneverland.

At this moment, Duke Ellington and friends are playing out of the tube amplifier my dear Uncle Tsu presented me for my birthday this year. To my right is the second glass of wine I have helped myself to. Next to the wine is a dimly
lit candle I brought from the living room.

00h24. I am staring into space. But I finally feel better. I am winding down.

Stress? I love stress. I thrive on stress. Today was stressful that I think I had fun doing silly, brainless things. I think I had so much fun that I practically had to crawl into my room after coming home. My right eye just sarted ticking. Like Mama says, diamonds are made with pressure. Glass cracks under pressure. I must make pressure my best friend.

00h30. Where does the time go? Nancy, my other associate producer today, and I hung by our nails today. If it weren't for Kevin, one of our wire writers, we would probably have fallen out of the 15th floor windown facing the stacked Chinese take-out box-looking Taipei 101. Come to think of it, It might have been a scenic route to death. I had to half intoxicate myself after work to take the edge off, but we made it, if just barely.

When I become interested in business once again, I think I will establish middle-class lounge bars near all major TV stations with news departments.

I think us producers will be OK. We will find a way. Today is over and tomorrow is another chance down the channel. Why, it sounds like a new challenge.

Perhaps the challenge of putting the show together with just two producers will keep me entertained.

Coming back to the present and back into my room,I think I have found my latest favorite color: wine red. I just noticed that my room is full of that color tonight. My yukata with white azalea prints, my bedsheet and pillow cases and the glass of wine on my night stand--they're all wine red. What a discovery.

Good night everyone.

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Anna Banana said...

Drinking wine alone is fun, I do that all the time. But it's dangerous when it becomes your hobby.... I didn't know you could drink.. You were such a wimp when you were in Tokyo :P