Sunday, 10 July 2005

What Day is it Again?

Anna's blogging now, too! Yay! It's always interesting to see what friends and family write, and how they write. I definitely enjoy reading everyone's blogs and I read them religiously, so don't stop! The ones I read are in the links section. If anyone sees that I'm missing that of other friends, please do let me know!

Excuse me for the pictures that don't seem to have a common theme. They are much like the rest of my ramblings. Simply staying coherent is difficult enough these days. I can't seem to remember when my week started and when it will end. This is how my day went.

Please say hello to baby Oreo, or "Norio." Oneesan's name is Noriko and for some reason, she called Oreo "Norio" once and it stuck. There's also "Snoreo," since she makes more noise at night than King, who is three times her size.

Oreo came to say hi this morning before I left for class and work.

She has sure grown into a dinosaur. I'm still hoping that this is the adolescent look (she's 13 months old) and she will either become pretty or cute. Mom says her monster mouth looks like a giant zipper when she breathes hard after a few loops around the house.

I finished my guava and vase during today's session, and the guava still looks like an avocado. I think they look alike to begin with. A guava just isn't as round and symmetrical, I guess.

Sensei wanted me to keep practicing on the busts and getting a good feel of proportions. They looked quite silly, so I will put off posting pictures of them until I improve and have something better to show in contrast. Those are a challenge.

After class, I went to the only vegetarian restaurant around work again. Today, I had two lunch buddies--the Taipei Times AND 自由日報. I had 紅燒川味湯麵, which is like 牛肉麵, or beef noodles. I also had a couple of less than ordinary side dishes that I didn't want to finish.

I'm thankful I have access to a vegetarian restaurant around there, but the food just isn't that good. I give them a 2 out of 5 stars for food and 1 out of 5 for service.
I will have to cope until I find something better.

I don't know how I managed to get through 17h00 today. I had plenty of work to do, but felt like a zombie. As evening approached, I started feeling better. Perhaps it was food coma from lunch. I was really hungry and indeed ate too much.

My voice overs are sounding better. I'm very happy about that.

Grace, my only other associate producer today, and I stayed after the recording was over to finish producing three other stories. We're so short on staff that we are no longer able to finish our work earlier simply by working faster. We've really hit the limit. Weekends are really tough, especially with just two AP's. Nevertheless, neither of us complained. In fact, we were happily working until 23h00. I really enjoy working with people who care about what they're doing.

Tomorrow will be another long day, and I'm so tired that I think I will skip class. I would have to leave early anyway, since I'm reporting. I'll be attending a fundraiser and adoption event for Animals Taiwan

So tired. Terrible headache. Where has my creativity gone? To bed, most likely. Good night everyone.


Kevin said...

wish your headache would gone soon. I like your sketch, it's getting more and more realistic.

miNgo said...

when are you gonna experiment with color?

that looks like a guava now =D... i guess the guava you were drawing was a lil tiny and long.. i make pretty good guacamole now =D.