Wednesday, 15 February 2006


It feels like some people at the office are freaking out about me possibly leaving. Everyone's gotten so much nicer... It feels very strange. Now my boss wants to have lunch with me next week. I'm not sure what she has in mind. Yesterday, she heard that I was leaving and in private, asked what was going on. I told her the entire story but that I haven't decided. She was quite fair and said that she'd really like me to stay, but she wishes me all the best if I decide to go--quite a contrast to the vibes I'm getting from the MD, whom by the way, still hasn't called me into her office yet. She'd rather talk to my father, apparently.

Yesterday and today were both very, very busy. I was at the office tonight (this morning?) until nearly 02h00, finishing up work because I'll be stuck at camp with a bunch of elite college/grad school kids for the next five days at a leadership camp. Starting Sunday, I had been getting things together for MediaCorp TV, including my English and Chinese CV's and some of my previous reports on DVD. Even though I haven't packed for the next five days and still haven't written that 300 word essay on "Taiwanese Identity" and it's 4h20 now, I'm glad things have been crammed together the way they are. My reports at FTV are taken care of, my MediaCorp packet is out and all I have to do for the next few days is give the kids a chance to shine, since I'll be the oldest one there. Breakfast at camp will be at an atrocious 7h35, but looking on the bright side, at least I'll be forced to sleep at 22h00 every night. I bet my skin is very pleased about that.

So tired... Did I just miss Valentine's Day???

Good night, everyone. Have to be up in three hours.

I wonder what Mr Handsome did tonight.

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kevin said...

glad to hear that things are achanging and seem to be in a good direction. (as "former" co-worker i should be a bit nice as well, i assume :p)

best from france