Sunday, 25 June 2006

Who is Mr Handsome?

Mr Handsome has no interest in me and lives in a different country. *sigh*


Tim said...

Have you told Mr. Handsome how you feel about him?

cychi said...

Haha, life is always hit or miss :P there will be a Mr. Handsome running out of your place mistakenly wearing one of your T-shirts :P

you just gotta wait for it.


miNgo said...

different country? where in the states? in california? if in california and in the bay area, have you thought of moving? if not the bay area, well there's plenty of fish in the ocean.

i'ma try to find every way to con u in coming back to the states =D

Jack Yuan @ LA said...

HE wouldn't happen to be in Japan? :P

fuigo said...

Wa! I haven't been following up on things here. I am so behind. I need to start reading from earlier posts!