Friday, 8 May 2009


That's me feeling a little oxygen-deprived. Next to me are Lily and Zemin, my coworkers.

FTV News turned 12 this week, and to celebrate, the office held a run-up contest. Yours truly placed first within her age group and was also first among all the women. 15 flights of stairs, 2 minutes flat. I haven't been doing any sports these days, but I guess work takes care of exercising. (I can hear Niki nagging at me, "you're a health reporter! you should be doing at least SOME weight bearing exercise!")

I also got another #1 this week. Saturdays, I anchor the 11h00 news, and this past Saturday, our ratings reached #1! The producer was surprised we beat even TVBS. Yay!

So I have two things to celebrate. Oh, there's my birthday too. I turned 30 in March but never really got the chance to do anything. Now I have THREE excuses to get together with friends and drink champagne (or warm water with lemon, haha).


Ken said...

You were on the crew team. That must have been the reason for taking No. 1. Congrats! And 30 is only a baby in Taiwan BTW.

Bryan said...

Good things come in threes. Congrats on all three events! :)

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

Thanks, guys.

Hopefully #3 will be a new job around the corner.

Speaking of crew, 4 of my old teammates (well, 1 really our coach) is going to row the 160 km Tour du Lac in Geneva. Top rowers (professionals maybe?) do it in a little over 12 hours. Imagine how long it would take an amateur boat...