Monday, 11 May 2009

Swine flu false alarm

Right after coming back from Hualien and Taitung Saturday night, I continued on the night shift and started another crazy stretch - 12 days. Ah, I'm used to it.

Tonight was rather busy and exciting.

22h45 received word that a woman and her baby who had come back from the US Tuesday were taken to hospital by ambulance around 22h00 after both came down with a fever. They were suspected to have been infected by the H1N1 virus.
22h55 was on the way to the hospital they were taken to.
23h31 received text msg from Taiwan's Centre for Disease Control announcing an emergency press conference at 00h00.
23h38 received tip from friend at the CDC that we really had better be at the PC (meaning bad news).
23h58 received word that the CDC confirmed that the baby had been indeed infected with the virus, but not the mother. The baby would be the first H1N1 case in Taiwan.
23h59 started reporting live at the hospital, but with almost no information and no video except for me with a surgical mask talking at the camera, outside of the hospital ER entrance
00h39 interviewed the director of the hospital
01h15 wrapped up and headed back to the station to file the report
01h53 received text msg from CDC saying final test results say both patients are negative for H1N1.

I threw away the mask, washed my hands after getting back to the office, but somehow I feel itchy... Both sides of my face, my thighs... I hope it goes away by morning.

So false alarm on the swine flu. Taiwan's still H1N1-free.

Really busy and really exciting day. Handling the situation much better than before. Pat myself on the back.

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