Saturday, 3 March 2012

Yanshui's Atong Noodles 鹽水阿桐意麵

incredibly tasty Yanshui noodles with (pork) meat sauce

duck eggs are used in these thin, flat noodles to make them al dente

sun dried just about ready for packaging at the factory that supplies Atong's noodles
these are for tourists to bring home or sent via home delivery


Johnny working his magic


阿桐意麵 Atong noodles
+886 6 652 3361
+886 918 278 635
Dianxincheng, Zhongshan Road, Yanshui, Tainan
They do home delivery! I've placed orders for friends and family several times.
TWD45 一斤 (600g) 濕麵 (raw noodles)
TWD100 一箱 (box of about 20 bunches) 乾麵 (dried noodles)
TWD100 一斤 (600g) 肉燥 (meat sauce)

I always get 600g of meat sauce per 1200g of raw noodles.

I love love love love these noodles and meat sauce!!

Canon Kiss X3
EF 35mm f1.4L USM

Special thanks to Ms 鄭王永雪 for being our guide.

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