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Info on episode21: Red House and Songyan by MRT 搭北捷到紅樓和松菸

Time for Taiwan 2015-2016, Episode 21: Red House and Songyan b...
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Posted by FTV Time for Taiwan 民視 台灣好好玩 on Thursday, February 11, 2016
Time for Taiwan 2015-2016, Episode 21: Red House and Songyan by MRT
2015-2016年「台灣好好玩」第二十集: 搭北捷到紅樓和松菸

Transcript 文字稿:

Repurposing old buildings is a topic that I really love. Today we’re taking the Taipei MRT to the Red House and the old Songshan tobacco factory.

I'm Michella. I grew up in the Silicon Valley and was a journalist in Taiwan for ten years. I like to try new things, play with new toys, and visit old places in a new way. I’m going to show you around the Taiwan that I know. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

When you come to Taiwan, get an Easycard or iPass, it will get you really far with very little fuss. The Red House is at the number one exit of Ximen Station.

“Honglou,” or the “Red House” was designed and built in 1908 during the Japanese occupation by architect Kondo Juro, who studied in the West, thus the western appearance.

The Red House was first a marketplace, and then a theater, and now more recently, a place where young designers can sell their work. By the way, my parents grew up around here and this is where they would go on their dates.

Next let’s take the blue line to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Station. We want to take exit number 5.

This is a new building with a nice hotel and some great shops, cafes and restaurants. I almost always accidentally overspend here. But it’s always good to contribute to the economy.

That’s the factory where cigarettes and cigars were made. A conveyer belt rolls the finished products to the warehouse where on the other side there is a train waiting to be loaded. I want to show you the inside of the factory, come on!

I love these hallways. Most photographers do, too.

If you think Google is cool because it has a daycare, Songyan had on-campus childcare almost a hundred years ago.

This was the old daycare center. Now it’s a wonderful little cafe and bookstore.

In the old space where they used to repair machinery is now a glass art exhibition space. The pieces are incredibly beautiful and the delicateness and colorfulness of glass in contrast to the tough, old and even perhaps grimy tobacco factory of the past paints an interesting picture for me.

I wish I had more time to talk about this place. You really have to see for yourself. It’s soothing, it’s artistic, it’s fun, it’s inspiring, it’s so many things. You should come!

Michella's notes 米雪拉的筆記:

Red House is in a special neighborhood - Wanhua. My parents grew up there, and it was one of the more affluent districts in Taipei when they were little. My grandfathers both learned to do business towards the end of the Japanese occupation, and when the Japanese were forced to return to their home country after losing WWII, they left behind some resources and businesses that people like my grandparents were able to pick up and build on. So for a good while, my parents’ families did quite well. The Red House was there when they were growing up, so going to the cinema, going to buy food, and even going to eat out often involved going to Red House. There used to be a hot pot place Qingxiang 清香 inside Red House that they used to go to all the time. The restaurant moved to a nearby alley after a big fire in the Red House. It’s still quite popular among older foodies.

These days, Red House is mostly known as a place where young people shop for locally designed products. In the back there’s Riverside Live House where you can listen to live music. On the side is a big outdoor gay bar and related businesses.
現在紅樓感覺是個年輕人去逛街,買台灣設計的產品的地方,後面有河岸留言可以看現場音樂表演,有一側是戶外gay bar還有相關商店。

Architecture wise, the main building is in an octagonal shape and the building behind it looks like a crucifix. The octagon in Chinese culture wards off evil and the crucifix has a similar role in Western culture. It’s a bit difficult to imagine, but there’s an aerial diagram near the entrance to look at and you’ll get it when you see it. Why so paranoid about evil spirits? The reason is because criminals that were to be executed were gathered up in front of Red House before getting marched off to the nearby execution grounds, and administrators wanted to make sure no spirits came back to cause trouble with business in the Red House.

A few stops down on the blue line is Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, or “Songyan” as most people call it. This is a place to come back to again and again. There are lots of small exhibitions here and some are fantastic. The glass art exhibition “Why Glass & Toots Zynsky” that was going on when we were there was quite something. There’s shopping that’s a bit different from run-of-the-mill department stores, some restaurants, lots of cafes, bookstores and outdoor spots to just hang out and enjoy. Where exactly to go? On this trip we stopped by Kotipesa, a clothing brand where my friend is the owner and very talented chief designer, the shop inside the factory building where they have a very cool industrial style cafe and a store with lots of very interesting little everyday items and souvenirs, the glass art exhibition by Liuli Gongfang, Liuli’s restaurant where you get to use very expensive dining ware and eat nice food (the three cheese pasta and soufflé were very good) in the open air, and Yue Yue Bookstore which started as a set for a TV series but ended up becoming a real bookshop and cafe. These are just a few places, and there are lots more to explore at Songyan.
板南線座個幾站就來到松菸,這裏可以一直回來,一直回來,裡面有好多小展覽,有些真的很棒。我們去的時候有個Why Glass & Toots Zynsky的玻璃展,我覺得很漂亮。松菸的血拼跟一般百貨公司很不一樣,有些餐廳,咖啡店,書店,還有很多戶外的地方可以享受。這次我們去了Kotipesa,設計師/老闆是我的朋友,她人好又有才華。我們去了工廠裡面的小賣所,這裏有很多有趣的商品和紀念品,也有一間很有工業氣氛的小咖啡廳。旁邊隔壁棟是琉璃工房,這裏有非常棒的玻璃藝術展覽,我們去的時候是一位美國大師的展Why Glass & Toots Zynsky,令人驚艷,建築物的另外一邊是琉璃cafe,他們的餐廳,這裏可以在室內或戶外用琉璃living的餐具吃飯,喝咖啡,那天我吃的是三cheese義大利麵和舒芙蕾,都好好吃~ 琉璃工房的隔壁是閱樂書店,這裏一開始是一個電視劇的書店拍片現場,因為很受歡迎,後來真的把它變成真正的書店,還有咖啡廳,氣氛很好,我很喜歡。這只是松菸幾個小地方而已喔,還有更多更多可以慢慢探索的。

Sometimes I go to a cafe called “a day,” nearby Songyan to write. They serve lunch and snacks as well.

You should come!


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