Thursday, 4 August 2005

Hello Tokyo!

Picture: boarded and seated.

I am in Tokyo now, and I made it in one piece! I got home quite late from work last night and tossed everything in the suitcase and had Michael, my brother, drive me to the airport. I almost missed the plane, and if it weren't for Nancy, my friend from the Hsinchu days who now works at China Airlines, I would have surely missed it.

Picture: Formosa TV on the plane. This is Pasuya Yao, head of the Government Information Office, and our real boss.

I forgot to get my clothes I meant to bring from the dry cleaner's. I forgot to get the gifts I said I would try to get. Aigh.

I slept during most of the flight and I watched "The Interpreter." It was a good movie. Nicole Kidman is really a dynamic, and beautiful actress. I haven't seen a movie in ages, and had forgotten who I used to enjoy watching. I shall go rent her other movies.

Picture: a view of Chiba.

After sending my bags home by delivery, I headed straight for the Apple Store in Ginza to have my iBook repaired. Little did I know that at 16h00 on a weekday, the Genius Bar would be backed up for hours. I left my Kuma-chan (iBook) with them and headed over to Daikanyama to have my hair cut, as I was one hairy mess. Thank goodness for Yamaguchi Sensei at Boms. Thank goodness for my godmother who made the appointment for me.

Now I'm back at the Apple Store, waiting for my turn.

It's another lonely night for me, as I'm stuck here, starving and still waiting. By the time I'm done at the store, it will be too late to see anyone else. Godmom is out of town on business.

On the way back to the store the second time, I remembered that being tired and being lonely are two inevitable things. The only good solution to not being tired and not being grumpy from being tired (asides from drinking), is to rest. I wish I can sleep, but I don't think the Apple people here would like to see someone with a travel carry-on bag sleeping on their floor. Worse than looking tired, I'll look homeless as well. But I do wish they had stools to sit on at these consoles...

The only way to battle loneliness is not to. I don't know how I'm going to convince myself of this one. It does remind me of a conversation I had with one of our anchors, Ken, after taping one day last week.

Ken: one of the nice things about working odd days is that you can go to the movies on a weekday and enjoy the entire theater by yourself
Michella: yeah, but the problem with that is you can't find anyone to go with you
Ken: that's the point

What a concept. I thought I could never do it, and up until now, I thought I could get away with never having to do it. What do you know.

So as I was walking through the subway tunnels, I thought I might try to enjoy being by myself instead of desperately trying to find someone to talk to. What if I tried to not want to call anyone? I have decided. It will be a Mi-chan night.

It's 19h42, I'm waiting and my feet are hurting. I'm bored.

When I was in the trains, I felt so uncomfortable. I felt so uncomfortable being me. I don't know what it is. Is it something I've become that I am just starting to notice? Hopefully it's just the fatigue and stress monsters.

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miNgo said...

it's fun being alone sometimes.. you're right, only way of fighting the feeling of loneliness is to not fight it, accept it and you'll learn to enjoy it. no schedule to follow, no others to accomidate for, the night is for you to enjoy and it's truly just yours. you can be as selfish as you want with out feeling guilt.