Friday, 5 August 2005

Nice Surprise

I came home, expecting to see just Pearl. I put the key in the lock, turned it, and realized that it was unlocked. All the lights were on, and for a second, I thought I remembered wrong. Mama said she was out of town.

It was Lesley! Her father and Mama have been friends since teenagers. When Benjamin, Lesley's older brother, was born, Grandpapa (Mama's father) named him, and he became Mama's godson. By extension, Lesley became the goddaughter. And since I'm a goddaughter, that makes us godsisters? Wait until Michael gets here on Monday. Now it's sounding like the mafia, but with a GODMOTHER instead of a godfather. I'm sure the Godfather would be no match for this Godmother. In any case, I found Lesley here. I thought she was staying in the guest room downstairs.

It was a pleasant surprise, and although I was ready for a quiet night with Pearl, we did some catching up. The last time (and first time) I saw her was last summer. The 18-year-old girl has calmed down a little bit since last year, or perhaps it's the cold medicine that's keeping her sedated. She has more energy than five golden retrievers waiting for biscuits.

I hope I don't catch her cold. I'm good at getting these things.

It really looks like Mama has her hands full here. I wonder if I came at the wrong time. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if there's ever a time when she is not busy with something. Gosh, that sounds like someone I know.


miNgo said...

say hi to naoko and shizuka for me. i wish i could go too, but i'm still stuck in school, maybe next summer.. i'll be very free then =D

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Jack Yuan said...

I am coming back to Taiwan and I want to see you there! 本当にひさしぶりだよ!お電話番号をおしえて、台湾へ帰った後、一緒に食事をしろう!九月一日から、十六日まで、台湾にいると思う。俺のメールは チャンスがあったら、番号をあげてくれおねがい。仕事ががんばろ!