Wednesday, 17 August 2005

A Nice Finish to a Day Off

After finishing my interview questions, I played a little piano, for the first time in almost ten years and then headed out to Taipei. This time, I took the train, because the car I was driving started making a very scary noise when I stepped on the brakes. Michael says the brake fluid is low and I shouldn't drive it until it's replenished. It's been months since I've taken the train in Taipei. I tried calling for a taxi to get me to the station, but there were none available. Luckily, Dad came home just in time and drove me to the station in Mom's car.

My bag has gotten big and heavy enough that I've finally hurt my shoulder. It hurts even when I'm not carrying things. It hurts when I type. Now I've really done it.

I went to my Uncle Tsu's. Wise, his son, is leaving for college, and I wanted to say goodbye and also had some MP3's to...share...with him. We did contribute to the industry tonight, however. We bought three songs through Apple's Japan iTunes store. We're not all that bad. Then I finally got to see my audiophile uncle's stereo set up. And although I don't know much about these things, I've always been interested. My father and brothers are fanatics, too. It was a lot of fun, becuase I could ask what everything was and also since I share some of my uncle's taste in music. He has a humongous collection! He has handwritten notes on every song of every CD in the case! It was great. I am once again amazed and inspired. Gosh, I had so much fun that I bounced up and down in the car all the way home to Danshui. It's past 02h30 and I still can't sleep.

My uncle inspired me to enjoy the gift of hearing even more. Instead of turning on the TV when I got home tonight, I hooked up the DAC he lent me and turned on my mini stereo set, most of which belongs to him. He gave me the mini amp for my birthday. The CD player, DAC and speakers are his. My father does have an extra set of excellent speakers somewhere. I just need to cart them into my room and figure out where to put them.

While I was putting the stereo together, I realized that I had forgotten about the classical ivory-colored lounge chair and Ottoman I have on the other side of the bed. I had my pillows sitting on them all this time. I've decided to put that to use. I am going to try reading and doing leisurely things from there from now on. It's what I originally set it up for. It's even right next to the stereo, which sits atop a beautiful dresser. To the right of it is a nightstand that has just enough space on it for a tea cup, next to the Heart Sutra, an incense plate and the Christofle photo frame from Yuko and A-chan that I still haven't put a picture into.

It's a nice change of scenery as well. Also, I think it will be good because now that my bed will only be for sleeping, when I get into it, I may actually sleep.

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