Monday, 7 May 2007

Interview with Uncle Terry

This was taken after an exclusive interview with Uncle Terry about moving to Fox Conn. I'm really thankful to him for holding off talking to other media until we made our report.

Two and half years ago, it was Uncle Terry who helped me put my foot in the door in the TV business. He was going to an interview at UBN (非凡) and since he heard that I was interested in getting started in financial TV, he brought me to the taping, despite the fact that Dad was against the whole idea. At the taping, he introduced me to the producer of the show he was going on, Corona Li, who later introduced me to the head of news gathering. Although I ended up not getting into UBN and instead coming to Formosa TV, Corona and I became friends, and I still often go to her for advice.

So 30 months ago, I went with him as a fresh graduate and hopeful, watching the interview happen as a guest from the sub-control room. Now I'm the one conducing the interview, and now that I think about it, I think I've reached a small milestone. Perhaps this is a sign that I'll be making some more progress in the near future.

We were chatting about signs and hints in life after the interview. He said that when he was still at HP and was living in Beijing, his brother-in-law's family came to meet him from Dallas, and he discovered that he has lots of extended family in Dallas. Until then, Uncle Terry had no idea that he had anything to do with Dallas or Texas. Not long after the visit, he was hired by Texas Instruments, and has been flying back and forth between here and Dallas for the last 10 years. He said that in retrospect, the visit from his brother-in-law and realizing that he has family in Dallas were sure signs. I was rather surprised that someone who is so logical and rational believes in things that don't have scientific evidence to back them.

Now the question is, how do we catch these signs as they happen, and what do we do with this information? I suppose that's a sensitivity that takes a lot of instinct and training to develop.

If the interview was a sign, then perhaps I'll soon again cross paths with new friends and opportunities for change. If that's the case, then I must work hard and prepare myself for when it happens. But I'm always working hard and preparing for things to happen. So I suppose I'll just go on doing what I've been doing and just look forward to new happenings and changes to come.

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