Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Sanli TV and Formosa TV "fascist and biased"

In this morning's paper, pro-China (blue, or KMT/PFP) leaning newspaper China Times quoted pro-independence (green, or DPP/TSU, DPP in this case) Legislator Hong Chi-Chang as saying that Sanli TV (SETV) and Formosa TV (FTV) are showing fascist characteristics and whose political commentary shows leave practically no room for fair discussion. Boy, has this been coming. But since both SETV and FTV are both green-leaning, it's interesting how Hong would attack media whose political news support his own party. Ethically, perhaps it's the noble thing to do, but some may call it unpractical. However, this bring into light how some media has been blatantly taking sides in political campaigns, especially recently during the DPP presidential primaries. To show support for particular candidates, political commentary shows at SETV and FTV have been accused of verbally attacking opposition candidates even if they are from the same party. It's ironic how politicians call for solidarity when in fact many of their actions show otherwise. It's a pity that the those who get the most media attention in this country are the those who show the worst side of human nature.

I'm just thankful that I'm on the lifestyle team and only occasionally need to face the political farce around here.

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