Monday, 7 May 2007

Starbucks break

Tonight's my third night on the night shift, and same as last night, I'm watching Vice President Annette Lu. Last night, she appeared on CTI TV and tonight, she's on ETTV. My assignment right now is to get a comment from her as she enters and exits the tv station. Last night, she came in fourth in the presidential primaries. And while the guys who came in second and third announced their withdrawal, Lu said she plans on fighting to the end.

About thirty minutes ago, she entered ETTV without giving a comment, and she'll be coming out in a while, which at that time I will have to try again. Meanwhile, I've made my way to a Starbucks nearby. I don't usually cover politics, but I finally understand what reporters on the beat mean when they say, when you're busy, you're really busy, and when things are slow, they're really slow. And I suppose when things are slow, they have a cup of tea. But once again, I'm reminded of how untasty food and drinks at Starbucks are.

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