Monday, 20 August 2007

Double Rainbow in Taiwan!

We stumbled upon Double Rainbow at the new Sogo department store in Taipei last last weekend. Double Rainbow was my favorite ice cream growing up. It's from San Francisco. My favorite flavors were blueberry and lychee nut and mint. Blueberry and lychee nut are really hard to find everywhere else, so when Double Rainbow disappeared from our neighborhood, I was really really sad.

Mom warned Dad that he could only have one scoop before she went into City Super (supermarket), and I took a picture of my ice cream (which was the same as Dad's) with Dad in the background and said, "Dad, you're busted. I'm sending this to Mom." To which he replied, "the only thing your picture proves is that YOU had two scoops." Um. Never mind. Two was indeed too much. But if you look at my hiatus from Double Rainbow over the past almost 10 years, that's that not that much. But I did learn my lesson. The ice cream was too sweet, especially the blueberry. Next time, I'm sticking to lychee nut.

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