Friday, 17 August 2007


One of my favorite places in Roppongi. Went with Grandpa, Mama and Aaron in May.

The first time I was there, it was Uncle Cody who brought me, and I was still going to graduate school in Tokyo. He said, "your grandfather brought me here when I was going to school here. Now it's my turn to bring you, while you're in school at Waseda." How touching. :)

This is called 炉端焼き (robata yaki). Here at 田舎屋, fresh produce, meats and fish are placed between us and three master grillers who work kneeled behind a grill. Quite special. In the farmhouse tradition, (lower grade) お酒 (sake) here is often drank from a wooden box. At the end of dinner, they'll let you make your own お餅 (rice cake, which is more like rice gum) by smashing glutinous rice inside a big, wooden mortar and pestle. Add in every single server repeating every single order by every single person, the place is very, very lively, and filled with the aromas of grilled food.

A great place for locals and visitors alike, but make sure to bring extra money. ;)

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