Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Keeping orchids from blooming

For Snowdrops. :)

The florist says the way to get orchids to ka-bloom! rather than just bloom is to keep them from flowering for a year or two. It keeps the blooming energy inside until you let it release. How to keep it from blooming? When the weather starts cooling and day/nighttime temperature differences start to increase, you bring the orchids inside or crank up the temperature dial in the greenhouse thermostat at night so that the orchids think that since it's still nice and warm during the day and at night, it's not yet winter and not yet time to flower. In other words, you keep the day/nighttime temperature differences at a minimum when it nears its regular flowering season.

Here are pictures of new Cattleya orchids I bought from the flower market. Daniel calls my orchids "kick-ass." I've never heard of flowers described this way, but I like it!

New Cattleya bud. I love it when new buds, roots and leaves come out. It's so encouraging when they do. I still kill orchids sometimes, but I think I'm getting better.

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Snowdrops said...

Oh Michella thanks so much for sharing your tips in this post :) I'm really touched that you're so kind as to spend time to answer my humble query even though you're up to your eyes at work... You're a star for doing this :)

I shall try replicating your trick when I get a pot of orchids and shall let you know how I get on with them too :)