Monday, 26 January 2009

Working over CNY

Chinese New Year's eve, I worked the day + night shift. I thought I'd get to have a peaceful evening and go home after the bell at Fagushan 法鼓山 (one of the largest Buddhist centers in Taiwan) was rung 108 times, with the top monk, President and leaders of industry presiding over the midnight ceremony. Since I reported live all morning at Nanmen Market (南門市場) on people doing last minute food shopping, my coworker was sent to go live from Fagushan and I was to write the story back at the station for her.

But at 21h30, an explosion happened at an apartment complex in Taipei County, killing 4 and injuring many others. One team went to the scene and I went to one of the hospitals where some of the victims were sent. One victim was dead on arrival and another was being treated for inhalation. After snooping around for information and finally getting a formal statement from the hospital, I then got reassigned to the Taipei Detention Center, where former president Chen Shui-bian was being held, awaiting trial for charges of embezzlement, taking bribes, money laundering, influence peddling and blackmailing. Some of Chen's die-hand supporters decided to camp out there that night to "keep Chen company, spiritually." One of the supporters decided to strip down to his underwear and pour buckets of water over himself in the freezing cold, to rid the bad luck that's been surrounding Chen. During the interview, he was in his underwear and I was in my turtleneck, jacket, coat with fur collar, fur hat, fur purse and leather gloves. It was a very interesting contrast.

So gas explosion and Taipei Detention Center. My Chinese New Year's eve. I have a very interesting job. Thank goodness I enjoy the excitement!


達令 Darling said...

There seems to be a very positive atmosphere around you.I think you're incredible.

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

Thank you, Darling :)
Happy CNY!

小夕 said...

WOW~What an exciting job! Go for it^^

by the way, happy new year, Michella^^