Tuesday, 3 February 2009

TV gig openings for foreigners - update 2

Are you a female Chinese-speaking foreigner married to a Taiwanese man and would like to go on TV?

There is a new TV talk show whose producer is interviewing candidates starting this week. It is a paid gig, and if the producer thinks you do well, it will be a regular gig as well. I am no affiliated with this show or the TV station what is doing it, I'm just helping a friend who is writing the show find his guests.

If you're interested, please post a comment to this post or message me in Facebook and include the following information.
1. What country you're from.
2. How long you've been here.
3. What your current job is.
4. Your email
5. A picture of yourself or a link to a picture of yourself.

(If you are sensitive about your info being seen on the blog (like I am), please just msg me via Facebook)

*You must be able to speak Mandarin or Taiwanese.

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