Friday, 13 February 2009

New year's dinners in Tokyo

From earlier this year. Reminiscing. Why so sentimental now? Just found out my 9-day shift turned into to a 12-day marathon, with tomorrow a 22-hour day. I better dig out those coffee coupons in the drawer...

Chinese-style お節料理 (fancy Japanese new year's food)
Kind of like a super luxurious lunch box that we eat morning, noon and night over the course of three days, starting from new year's eve. Because it won't fit in the refrigerator, we put it in the "natural icebox." That's our secret language for "the rack next to the flowers in the freezing cold veranda."

かまぼこ (fish paste cake) and 数の子 (herring eggs) that Mama marinated

Auntie Yuko trying to save the rice cakes that A-chan burnt

Burnt, but tasty :D

桜えび (cherry blossom shrimp) flavor

A-chan's super yummy soba

Lovely Oneesan. It's a mystery to me how she can eat so much and still be so thin. I miss her.


小夕/Sebastian said...

oh my God! You make me HUNGRY!!!^^

小夕/Sebastian said...

BYW, what a luxuriant dinner!! It looks delicious~~ you can almost hear the voice i swallow! haha^^