Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tulips at the office

White tulips, while they don't have as much spunk as some of the colored ones, are quite elegant and give (a little bit of) tranquility to a space with enough charged energy to blow up 5 floors of the building. In the news room right before deadlines (12h00, 18h00 and 22h00) people are shouting like "要死了!林老師勒!這是什麼鬼?先去做先去做!" (roughly translated, "Crap! Jesus Christ! What the hell is this? Go go go, get it done and we'll worry about the rest later!") Well, it's not really "people" shouting that, it's one person - the chief editor. I like her a lot, but not when she's freaking out (which these days is about 95% of the time).

Back to tulips. After the full bloom and right before the petals start falling, I think the flowers look like bowls, and if anyone knows where they sell bowls like this, I'd like to buy some!

One other new thing I have my desk is this pink little guy that tilts its head back and forth, right to left. It was a gift too much fun to give away. I put it on Solon's stack of folders and papers that marks the divider between my workstation and his. But because it faced my way, I realized all he saw was the back of the thing's head, which is probably annoying, so I drew a face on a post-it note and stuck it on the back. Heh heh. Too bad that magnet which looks like me is too heavy. I tried sticking that on, but the head wouldn't move anymore.

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