Saturday, 21 February 2009

A sign?

Woodblock printing, karate, kimono...are the things that have constantly been on my mind lately. What does this mean? Am I going to Japan? I certainly do have plenty of time in March to practice all three, since I'm finally getting some days off.

I need a sign.


小夕/Sebastian said...

WOW Michella, you're going to turn into a Japanese!^^

It looks like you'll have a wonderful life!

keep up the good works^^

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

Thank you.

I feel I do have a wonderful life already, and it's on the road to being FANTASTIC.


Bryan said...

Michella - excellent! Hope you always maintain that attitude. Good things happen to good people.

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

Thank you, Bryan.

I'm sure good things happen to you all the time.