Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Running on E 要沒電了

I've had coffee. I've had tea. Now I would like caffeine straight into the arm. Well, maybe not. That would involve a needle. Speaking of which, I turned off my brain, closed my eyes and got my H1N1 shot today. Sometimes less information is better.

Today is my fourth day on the night shift. Thinking back to why I'm so tired this time around, right after that 6-day crazy SF/DC trip, three nights of which I slept on airplanes, I came straight back to work. Then it was elections, followed by two assignments down in Kaohsiung County and Pingtung County (to do stories on purple crow butterflies, horseback riding and hot springs), then the night shift. One day of rest in between. No wonder I am in desperate need of recharging my battery. 原子小金剛需要充電了

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