Sunday, 24 April 2011

Cafe de France, Faust Pizza 明月光披薩

Cafe de France
502 Renai Rd, Taipei
+886 2 27298860
open every day


The owner is nice, setting is comfortable (both inside and out), food is not bad, price is acceptable and on top of that, I can bring over pizza from next door. A pretty good combination!

Mom, Dad and I have have been here quite a few times. The pizza's really good and the cafe is a great place where we can sit in comfort and order side dishes, drinks and desserts to complement the pizza.

However, I just couldn't figure out why the pizza place owner was so adamant about us not showing any little bit of his pizza on TV. When he declined over the phone to let us film his cooks making pizza, I told him that I understand and in this case, I will not shoot the pizza making process nor introduce his pies, and that the story is not about them or their product. Then he had one of his guys come out and say to me, in the middle of filming next door, "we will sell you pizza if it is for yourself to eat. But we will not sell it to you if it is for filming. Do not let any part of our pizza appear on TV." Although I was uncomfortable with being dictated what to do with something I'm paying for (yes, I paid the regular price of TWD180 for the margherita), I decided to do what he said anyway. I censored the pizza. What we normally censor are logos, store names, the face of abused children or gory bloody body parts. But pizza from Faust on Renai Road is now on the list too. By the way, I wonder what they tell people who eat there. "Leave your cameras and cell phones at the door, please?" Sheez. Well, for kicks (and maybe revenge) here are the Google results of blogs/articles on Faust Pizza 明月光, in English and in Chinese. I  didn't know what I wanted more - to laugh or to go and argue with the guy.

Lucky for us, there were plenty of tables at the cafe who bought and brought over their pizza. Today, filming was more fun than tasting. The margherita is sitting in my refrigerator, still whole, untouched. Breakfast tomorrow, maybe.

Taiwanese version of the story below.

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