Friday, 15 April 2011

Capturing DTV clips and getting back on track

My nerdiness has gotten the best of me, and after trying various devices and decoder/encoders, I think I've figured out the most efficient/easiest combination of hardware and software to capture and archive my reports and anchoring (for now). I am currently using an AverMedia (thanks, Ann) digital TV USB tuner hooked up to my Mac (either at home or work), an mpeg-2 plugin for Quicktime to be able to view the captured clip and Mpeg Streamclip to compress the clip in H.264 at 60%. Though the process is still a little tedious, the resolution and efficiency are much higher than the archaic TiVo/cable/wifi combination I was using before.

I don't know what has gotten into me. I even set up my Big Mac at home so that I can remotely access it with my Baby Mac when I'm at work or in the field. Gross.

And I cleaned my room and my desk at the office to the point where I'm almost satisfied. My goodness.

It looks like my life might actually be getting back to normal. For now.

This is a report I did (in Mandarin and Taiwanese) yesterday. Former Health Minister Yaung Chih-Liang went on radio to again reveal bits and pieces of corruption in the healthcare system, a mess that he started cleaning up during his term and is finally seeing criminal investigation and prosecution taking place.

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