Thursday, 21 April 2011

A century of songs from Taiwan

Part of the centennial celebration of the founding of the Republic of China. I wonder what the medley will sound like when it's completed in June. Although all celebrated, these are ten very different songs from different periods of the past century, not to mention in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka and indigenous dialects. There will be other songs recorded in the CD as well. The Council for Cultural Affairs says the CD will be provided free, and may be downloaded from the internet as well.

歌手包括紀露霞, 紀曉君, 官靈芝, 王彩樺, 楊培安, 鄒女

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Ben Goren said...

Seriously, why would any Taiwanese want to celebrate the 100 years of a country that started in a foreign land and was imposed upon the Taiwanese without a popular vote by brute force and dictatorship? It is not a celebration of 100 years of Taiwan but 100 years of the failed state of the ROC. Not a personal criticism of you but shouldn't we all learn from history instead of ignoring it or re-imagining it for political purposes?