Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Brrr in Lishan 梨山好冷!

We are now in Lishan 梨山. It is quite cold here (the red maple leaves say so too), especially coming from Taipei, where it was over 30C this past weekend. Now at 2041 in Lishan, it is about 12C. With no heater but a nice bathtub in my room, I think I'm going to have a soak, then crawl under the four layers of comforters and wool blankets.

Good night!


Boyd R. Jones said...

Wow! Enjoy that wonderfully cool weather! Still incredibly humid and hot in New Taipei City.

Oreleona said...

wow enjoy the cool weather that pic is soo pretty!! i love fall

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...