Monday, 28 November 2011

Play hard, work hard 先甘後苦

The sky was beautiful today, so I decided to bring my camera gear to the office to do a time lapse of the sunset in between reviewing footage and writing and before dinner with Jack, an old friend who is in town.

But first, I went for  haircut, with my camera, tripod, time-bomb looking intervalometer, computer, purse and all. At the salon, I bumped into my friend Diana and we ended up going for tea afterwards. Tea stretched through the sunset and into the evening, so decided to go straight to dinner with Jack. We had a fun meal at Dancing Pig and I am 1,5 days behind in work. Body and mind were uncooperative so I only got half a day's worth of work done during the entire day. I guess instead of shooting last night's sunset, I will be shooting tomorrow's sunrise!

Today and tomorrow were supposed to be off days, so if I look at it this way, I'm actually not behind, I'm ahead half a day! Yeah right.

Time to get cracking.

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