Monday, 11 May 2015

Endless Social Networking 社群網站

With more social networking sites to update than braincells in my skull, sometimes it's really overwhelming! My Facebook, Facebook fan page, twitter, this blog (that's been collecting only dust  in the last few years), instagram (that I've completely skipped), reddit (skipped that too) can I efficiently update most or all of these at a reasonable frequency? Any ideas?

So far I've linked the fan page and twitter accounts and now I'm going to try to copy and paste content from the fan page and some posts from my personal Facebook account. Let's see how this goes. Maybe I'll write in different languages in different posts so I'm not endlessly translating my own ramblings.


個人臉書,臉書粉絲頁,荒廢了多年的部落格(今天開始嘗試把臉書和粉絲頁的內容適當的copy and paste過去),推特(直接用臉書粉絲頁自動copy自動投稿),instagram(我直接跳過),reddit(跳過)...


Photo by 好ㄤ(其實照片裡,我在和滑板買家討價還價,感謝大家,8輪滑板已順利賣出~)

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