Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy year of the tiger!

During Chinese New Year in the previous years, I had been mostly working, but I got to spend CNY with Mom and Dad this year. Daniel was in town for business and flew Quyen in as well, but we kept it a secret until she popped up in Danshui, as a surprise for Mom. Every person Mom's met since Q arrived has heard how she was so surprised and touched that tears came to her eyes. And we've met quite a few people in the last few days...

Having been so exhausted physically and spiritually the past few months, I was looking forward to a quiet 8 days off to sleep, sit around in my PJ's and read, write, draw, do woodblock printing... The first 2 days were taken by getting to co-host FTV's year-end party, then the rest was cleaning & cleaning & cleaning the Danshui house, going to relatives' homes for lunches and dinners, hosting a party at the house...

Body's still exhausted, brain's still itching for something more.

On the bright side, I took lots of pictures that will remind everyone of the nice memories of this year's CNY celebrations.

Perhaps you'd like to have a look :)

The pictures are in my Gallery.

Happy year of the tiger! I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year!

Oh, there are also three new video clips in the gallery too. Please scroll to the very bottom :)

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