Friday, 12 February 2010

Yakitori 大眾立吞

After the ftv party host gig, I could finally relax. January was a sleepless month. Slept all day today and it still didn't seem enough.

I had dinner with Mom & Dad and Daniel at a yakitori place. I even drank whisky!

Dad and I started drinking before the rest got here, and I was already in lala land by the time they arrived...

Happy dad いつも笑ってるパパ

Michael's kyrptonite

cherry tomatos and bacon 番茄培根 トマトを包んでるベーコン

I <3 eggplant 茄子

mountain yam 山藥 山芋

chicken heart & gizzard 雞心 ハツ

king oyster mushroom 幸鮑菇 アワビ茸

pork neck 豬頸 豚の首肉

okura 山葵 オクラ




can I go home now?

shiitake mushroom 香菇 椎茸

daniel mimicking his big boss

smelt 柳葉魚 ししゃも

chicken intestines 雞腸

this is how much we ate 吃這麼多! こんな食べました!

small hole-in-the-wall shop, always packed around dinner time

about six tiny tables


tel +886 2 2721 3720

#8 Civic Blvd
Taipei City

here's a UDN article


raphael (raphaelguillet[at] said...

So much choice for food in Taiwan...

wherelse can we find all this food ?

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

taiwan certainly is a great place for good food :)