Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jinshan/Wanli 金山萬里

Supposedly, the Geopark in Yeliou is the second most visited place in Taiwan, after the National Palace Museum.

We couldn't get close to the Queen's Head because the paths in the Geopark were being redone. Even fell twice walking on the wires... See why I stopped wearing stilettos, dresses and skirts to work?

金山泡溫泉 觀景嚐美食



民視記者 翁郁容
接著來去洗溫泉 走!


金山溫泉業者 鄭惠啟
我們在金山雖然地方不大 但是溫泉非常的豐富 有白黃 海底溫泉 鐵質泉 還有碳酸泉

風景很漂亮 然後水質也很舒服 沒有味道啦

很舒服 可以把功課的壓力全部丟掉


金山溫泉業者 鄭惠啟
你從北二高過來 或者從萬里 或者從陽明山仰德大道 或者從淡水 或者走山路從雙溪從萬里過來 其實它的交通四通八達


民視新聞 翁郁容 葉尚松 台北報導

Jinshan Hot Springs

Jinshan Township is a tourist area in Taipei County featuring four different kinds of hot springs. In this week's travel feature, we follow Michella Jade Weng to the springs and other nearby points of interest.##

Yeliou is a popular destination for visitors who come to the Wanli and Jinshan areas. There is a geopark here, and a rock known as the Queen's Head is its star. Also, from a nearby park, you can see the Twin Candlesticks Islet just off the coast. When you're hungry, you can head over to Jinbaoli for its famous duck meat. Then, next on the must-see list...

Michella Jade Weng
Ready for a soak in the hot springs? Let's go!

Jinshan's hot springs date back to the Japanese occupation, and there are several types of springs here.

Jason Cheng
Hot Springs Operator
Jinshan's not that big, but there are many different kinds of hot springs here, including white sulfur springs, springs from the ocean floor, springs high in iron content and springs high in sodium bicarbonate.

The view is nice, the water is comfortable and there's no odor, either, said this traveler.

It feels really nice and it takes away all the homework pressure.

One of the nice things about Jinshan's hot springs is that there is an ocean view. In addition, there are several ways to get here, which helps cut down on traffic. Just oustide of Taipei, Jinshan is very accesible, making it great for a nice, relaxing day trip.

Michella Jade Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei

There are over 20 hot spring operators in Jinshan, and we filmed at Jiujinshan Zongdu. They have a pet fish that likes its belly rubbed and fed a pacifier. Really cute!


It certainly is not the luxurious of hot spring resorts, but it has a really historic feel to it. It definitely has a lot of potential.



#196 Ming-sheng Road
Yucun Village, Jinshan Township
Taipei County

tel +886 2 2408 2628


Protocol Snow said...

It's unfortunate for the visitors that the paths were being redone and they couldn't get close to Queen's Head. I've heard that Queen's Head is in danger of breaking because the neck is getting so narrow. Is that true?

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

According to the Geopark operator, the paths haven't been worked on in 20 years, and they hope the construction will finish in time for Chinese New Year.

As for the Queen's Head, you heard what I heard too. The neck is getting smaller and smaller and might break in 5-10 years. A replica of it was made and it's also inside the park for people to photograph and touch (I think you can touch it). However, that's not very satisfying, is it? A few days ago, I saw in the news that they've found another Queen's Head in the park, and it's bigger than the original. Since the queen's still around, they're calling the new one "Princess Head" for now. ;)

Raphael Guillet said...

Yehliu is such an amazing place for tourist to discover all the natural beauty of Taiwan.

Here are all the videos i did with my daughter for the Taiwanbesttrip contest last summer

I will be back to Taiwan this summer for travelling...


翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

thanks for sharing :)
I really liked your videos and your interactiveness in them.
so did you win the taiwan best trip contest? is that why you'll be back in taiwan again?

Anonymous said...

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