Friday, 22 October 2010

Conversation with Mama over Skype

Background information: she is a food expert who has published books and hosted tv shows on food.

Mama: excuse me while I have this delicious yuba (Kyoto style tofu skin).

background sounds: spoon clicking on tupperware and slurping and swallowing.

Me: oo, that looks really good.

Mama: oh, it is. you know how it's made?

Me: it's lifted off the top of a boiling pot of tonyu (soybean juice), right?

Mama: yes. you know how to get really delicious yuba?

Me: no. how? (expecting to learn a few secret tricks of the trade)

Mama: you buy it.

Me: .......


My mothers - they can be very scary, but also pretty funny sometimes too, when I least expect it. Maybe I'm just too serious sometimes. Hahahaha

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